black and white re-runs, What went down at Paramore’s Melbourne listening...

What went down at Paramore’s Melbourne listening party!

Okay, first of all I’ll talk about the songs.

First of all, we listened to ‘Fast In My Car’. The guitar at the start is so awesome and don’t even get me started on the bassline. It is awesome and the chorus is big. From the chorus all i can remember is “driving fast in my car”. Gonna be a huge summer anthem, I can feel it in my nuggets.

Next was ‘Still Into You’. ugh it starts out with just Hayley’s voice and it gets progressively louder. Love it. The chorus is massive.

Then was ‘Last Hope.’ This one was probably my 2nd favourite out of the 5. It’s not as big as the other songs, it’s really sweet. If i can remember correctly some of the lyrics in the bridge are along the lines of “the salt in my wounds isnt as bad as it used to be, the scars on my skin have healed” I CANT RMEMBER MUCH THESE ARE JUST VAGUE I APOLOGISE

Next was ‘Ain’t it Fun’. The start is very different, yet likeable. From the chorus, all i can remember is “ain’t it fun being alone, ain’t it fun.” The gospel choir comes in around the end of the song/bridge and it works really well! Together with the gospel choir, something along the lines of “don’t go crying to your mama, you’re in the real world now.” It’s really deep???

Lastly, was Part II. It is a continuation of Let The Flames Begin and starts off with “what a shame we all became such fragile broken things” and “spark” and “oh glory” are mentioned a couple of times. Int eh chorus, i’m pretty sure it says “i’m dancing to the enemy’s song, not i’m lost, come and find me” And then it ends with the previously named monster outro and it sounds so rad. I can’t wait for this album.

All in all, even from just hearing 6/17 songs from the album (including now) i can tell it’s very different, this album will be filled with huge choruses, bass lines and melodies and i can see why it is self titled. It’s a new sound for them (more pop-rock but it really works) and I cannot wait for this album to be released. 

ok now for the other stuff

Only 3 people got to ask a question as danny from channel v talked for quite a while (although he did manage to save hayley from a tiny floating spider which led to a huge discussion on australia’s deadly animals).

the first question was along the lines of “what are you currently listening to/reading/watching?”

hayley answered with dexter/the walking dead/heaps of other stuff and mentioned that her and jeremy still force taylor to watch horror movies against his will

i then asked “what is your favourite thing about australia?” which was answered with jeremy: good people, everyone’s no worries! and taylor: the good vibes! they then all mutually agreed that the food is awesome here.

they were then asked a question about if they could take animals on tour would they? which led to jeremy and taylor being sad about their long distance puppies.

then a photo was taken and i hugged hayley and jeremy and i can’t think straight

signing off and im gonna cyr because that did not just happen???!!!.//


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